Saturday, December 13, 2014

Baby Beluga

When you were just a girl,

You had your father go.

I took and baby sat you,

You're the daughter that I know.


I tried to be your hero,

To be your all and all,

But the demons would corrupt me,

And lead me to my fall.


It seems its ancient history,

Starburst wrappers on the floor,

You spilt Quik on the carpet,

And had energy galore.


Even as a baby,

Your talents beemed so bright,

Your loving joy affection,

Tucked me in to end the night.


I made a promise to your mother,

And I have let you down,

To know that I have hurt you,

Sorrow leads my soul to frown.


I had dreams for the future,

The relations of you and I,

When I think of your first prom,

It just makes me want to cry.


I hope in life you'll forgive me,

For all the mistakes I've made,

Remember both the good and bad,

In the choices I have played.


You always loved your turtles,

But you were my dolphin girl,

The one who sails the oceans,

The one who explores the world.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© December 2014

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