Thursday, December 11, 2014

Heavy Burdens

Today, I found out,

I lost my job.

My heart so numb,

Too dead to throb.

The weight of the world

Feels on my shoulders.

And each year the world

Just gets even colder.

No one to turn to

I've been all alone.

To talk they're there

But just by phone.

I mean no one

To share this burden.

No one to cry with

And show I'm hurtin'.

I have forgotten joy,

I know only pain.

Like this for a while

I feel so insane.

I have four little mouths

That I have to feed.

Four little ones

That have that need.

I see the rain,

It continues to pour.

I look in the creek,

Then stare at the floor.

How I would love

To drown in that lake.

And end this misery

For my mind's sake.

But I have to stand up

No, I have to fight.

God help me make it,

To the end of the night.

I can't even talk

About my cancer.

I mean a few people know

But I struggle with answers.

So what do I do

but keep it to myself.

Ignore it, stuff it,

Place it on the shelf.

At least the tumor

It's in remission.

They say its inevitable,

But I keep wishin'.

I guess that is something

To be thankful for.

Faith for the rest,

That life has in store.

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