Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Difficult Child

You little shit,
I gave birth to you,
I fed you,
I housed you.
I taught you how to read,
Ran around restless for you,
I did everything for you,
And still you refused to listen to me.
You made your own decisions,
So don't blame me,
Don't place the responsibility on me,
Don't you dare direct anger my way.
No, I won't do it.
I lived too much of my life that way.
Life is too short.
I must protect myself.
Birthday cards for my mom,
She rejected,
Said real love from a child,
Would have created better.
I was trapped in the box,
Under the shadows,
Of a perfectionist judge,
And I vowed never to do it.
I hated my mom,
Never stood up to her,
And now I see her in you,
And I can't stand it.
At birth you tore my womb,
Killed a part of me,
It can't be revived,
And all I ask is kindness.
Why can't you be like the others?
Why so difficult?
Why so mean?
I am sorry but I have to leave.

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