Monday, December 29, 2014

To the Heart of the Mountain

I wake up early on my quest,

My bags are packed and I am prepped,

A little note I write,

And kind words I send her way.


The journey starts with mental preparation,

Its the first third that commits me to the trek,

I make her morning coffee,

And begin work on the project she desires.


Its the end that makes the beginning easy,

But to endure the middle I must enjoy the journey,

I tease her with the playful thoughts,

And act as if she may lose me.


I see the beauty in the trees and nature,

I feel alive as I breathe the air,

I focus on all that attracts me to her,

Soaking in her goodness is plenty.


Barriers stand in my path,

I must make due with few supplies,

I overcome the obstacles she throws my way,

I creatively subdue her unexpectedly.


I come to the final stretch,

The glorious destination is now in sight,

I lay her down softly,

And realize there is yet another mountain to climb.


My intuition guides me through,

I must conserve my energy,

Her body warms to mine,

Gentle kisses and touches prep her well.


My journey is almost complete,

But I take time to let it all in,

Our bodies speed in harmony,

Then slow to embrace every sense.


The final destination is reached,

Oh what a glorious sight it is!

Our bodies climax in unison,

Screams of passion burst through.


An expert checks the gear,

And considers furture trips,

We collapse side by side,

Cuddling and talking for hours.


On my way down,

The journey is swift and smooth.

I rise again,

Did she think that we were through?

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© December 2014


  1. As I read the first half of this I heard it/read it as a song. The second half took me a little by surprise as I hadn't realized where you were going in the beginning. But it turned out great as a whole and it is very powerful. Well done.

  2. Yeah, I actually wrote this for a friend. I am wierd in a sense that I left a stanza out to be figured where by the reader. To be filled in as well by the reader. And the ending took me by surprise. Lol.