Sunday, February 22, 2015

His Signs

Sometimes I feel like a ghost, a reminder that I can find God.

Sometimes I feel others are ungrateful, a sign that I need to thank God.

Sometimes I feel unheard, letting me know He is waiting to listen.

Sometimes I feel unimportant, hinting that my number one priority should be God.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with desire, making me feel a fraction of His desire for me.

Sometimes I feel rejected, a display of the way I have rejected Him.

Sometimes I feel defective, shining a light on His unconditional acceptance.

Sometimes I feel unloved, pointing me back to Him, the source of love.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© February 2015

Still Flutters

You enter the room,

Sparks ignite in me,

Shall I say hello,

Compulsive thoughts and adreneline consume me,

I pull it in trying to gain control,

My heart beat flutters,

As I sit still and watch you leave,

Never letting you know,

What you do to me.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© February 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Meet Me

Will you meet me in the sunshine?

Will you meet me in the park?

Will you meet me by the waterfall?

Or on the playground after dark?


Will you meet me by the lighthouse?

Will you meet me for the sunset?

Will you meet me just for dinner?

Or simply to get our feet wet?


Will you meet me underneath the stars?

Will you take me to the moon?

Will you fly me over the ocean?

Just don't bring me home too soon.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© February 2015

Spinning Chaos

Chaotic and blind,

We wander the Earth for a glimpse,

And the pain of never knowing,

We cover it up with 34 hours of television per week,

Ignoring the lonely, hungry and cold,

We cover the hurt with our orgies, sex clubs and midnight pornography,

Beat it to a pulp,

Watching other people live their lives,

Climbing social ladders of sports, celebrities and corporate kings,

Instead of seeing the chains, brokenness and suffering for what it is,

To what end is this insanity?

To what end is this madness?

A glimpse of hope,

The pedestal of love we've built,

Chasing dreams till they die,

Then we die,

And in a moment look back at the spinning plates,

And as they freeze,

And drop and fade away,

We finally find peace.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© February 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wrap Me in Your Arms

How my heart longs for you,

Take me in to rest your head,

Pull me close and hold me tight,

Let me kiss you forever more,

Make my words and mind consumed by thoughts of you,

Tell me all your worries,

Let me guide you, seduce you,

Kill your loneliness,

Bring you back to childhood innocence,

Give you memories you never had a chance to experience,

Hold my hand, feel my love, walk with me,

Let time slip away,

My dear sweet love,

My one and only Valentine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Silent Tears

A heart so cold,

Twenty years frozen,

Finally melting away,

Bringing me back to feel full pain,

Silent tears leak from my eyes,

Reminding me of the soaked wet pillows of my youth,

Crying to sleep each night,

Alone and afraid,

Uttering sounds was no use,

For I had learned there was no one who would comfort me,

No one who could be trusted to protect me,

So the tears fell,

And now they return.

The Power of Faith

My confidence is shattered,

My time it fades away,

Dreams slip through my fingers.

Yet, still I hope.

My prayers grow stronger day by day,

My faith is greatly present,

Promises yet to be fulfilled,

And I still believe.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Broken Love

I appeared to me one day,

That it was my lack of self interest that defined my brokenness,

My misunderstanding of the God given desire for glory,

The misplaced trust in such pitiful pleasures.


It was not that I should turn off my passion,

But that I needed to love more.


I was a broken vessel,

And loved to the best of my ability,

And the sad thing was,

That in your own brokenness you felt loved.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Im Scott Izu,

Here to please you.

My mother fuckin rhymes,

Would never deceive you.


Cause Im a psycho,

I might go,

To write a rhyme,

But we would fight though.


If I said,

What I truly believed,

Cause my heart,

Is here to deceive.



Like the sands of time,

Give me a mike,

And I would make it mine.


Step back,

Your smokin crack,

Your style is whack,

And thats a fact.


Youre like a spirit,

No need to hear it,

Dont even fear it,

Just have to clear it.


From my mind

And let it go,

Let the passion

From my heart just show.


A battle,

A war of the worlds,


And lets Hell unfurl.


I dont do this for others,

And their majesty,

All I want is a voice,

Finally free.

How Do I Live - Because You Loved Me

Friday, February 6, 2015

Berlin - Take My Breath Away

As I Lay

Stack of hay,

Come what may,

Bring life this very day,

Open eyes to joyous play,

Till the skies turn from grey,

Till the end of decay,

And a horse goes astray,

Deciding whether or not to stay,

Or to choose its own tender way,

How to say,

Yay or nay,

A choice at bay,

A demon to slay,

It will be okay,

No matter the price to pay,

Like a sweet sun ray,

On a golden tray,

Spoken as we pray,

An image to portray,

So far away,

Like a Blue Jay,

My heart does sway.

Curbed Destiny

What is this game you play,

When my heart you stole away.

Love is not something to toy with,

Destinies broken full of shit,

How do I require less,

Become just a minimalist,

For pain endures forever more,

Spring of sorrow strikes my core.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

God's Love

You see my spirit separate from my behavior,

And you love my spirit,

And whether I do right or wrong,

You love me.


How amazing is your love,

That you can look beyond my behavior,

To see that is only a reflection,

Of my love for you.


How your love mirrors nothing in this world,

It breaks my heart,

For we are all broken,

And our love is only given conditionally.


Whether or not I have fame and fortune,

You see me as special.

Whether or not I have power and influence,

You see me as important.

Whether or not I have popularity and women,

You see that I have worth.

Whether or not I have mastery and achievements,

You see that I have value.


Your hand,

It touches each individual's world,

A tailor made journey,

To reveal the nature of our soul.


You afflict me because I am chosen,

You push me to seek your truth,

You pierce my heart with passionate love,

And you feel every emotion bestowed upon me.


So I give in,

I surrender to your will,

Take me each day I live,

An empty vessel for your great glory.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© February 2015