Saturday, December 27, 2014


And she asks, "How can you just walk away from everything and settle for crumbs?"

And I look across the room at a sea of people.

If you knew what I have done, if you knew who I was than you wouldn't love me.

You would abandon me.

Because people all focus on themselves and when you speak out,

They cannot get beyond their hurts, their pain or their desire to be known.

They cannot step into your frame because their belief system is what allowed them to survive.

And to let that go for just an instant, might mean their death.

So you walk around a ghost, among a sea of ghosts.

All desiring to be known and understood yet understood by no one.

So I would give it all, for a second, an instant, a single moment.

A sign of hope that I can be loved.

That I can be accepted.

As who I am, the ugliness that is me.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
©  December 2014

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