Thursday, December 4, 2014

Knock Knock

I wake up every morning,

And I look outside my home,

Vacancy is waiting,

And my heart begins to moan.

My body ages with contempt,

Every joint leaks out a groan.

Trees are ever present,

But their leaves have not been blown.

Wings are formed perfection,

But their riders haven't flown.

Why don't you come and visit?

Don't you know I'm all alone?

Just stop but for a moment,

Just make your wishes known.

I step back from the window,

Step back right into my zone.

My online presence opens,

And my fingers start to roam.

The Linked In Gmails haunt me,

I Face stalk you on my phone,

My mind decays a numbing process,

I've turned into a drone.

I open up the chest compartment,

This old heart's become a stone.

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