Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Judge's Rebuttal and a Reply

Our relationship is broken,

And since we haven't spoken,

I thought I would mention the cures,

It's easy to see the fault is all yours.


>>> I am sorry I haven't been so open,

>>> But take this response as my token.

>>> Two empty wells come from two pours,

>>> One spout cannot drain two stores.


Nothing to do with me.

After all, how can it be?

I am perfect in every way.

You're the lying cheater who went astray.


>>> From guilt you are set free,

>>> Mending us is all I see.

>>> I am sorry I caused such dismay,

>>> I was very, very wrong that day.


You never listened to a thing I said,

I can tell by the actions you have led.

And I get along well with many others,

I even get along well with your brothers.


>>> Unheard you felt every night in bed,

>>> I should have acknowledged thoughts in my head.

>>> Defectively, I need to make my own covers.

>>> Can defective people change to make great lovers?


It must not be me but all of you,

Because if it is not on you then who?

If only you fit in this perfect box,

Our relationship wouldn't be on the rocks.


>>> All on me makes me feel blue,

>>> But there are places where I wish I grew.

>>> I am sorry for being the ugly duckling among the flocks,

>>> But perhaps our relationship failed due to lack of talks.


So until you have the decency to be better,

The last you hear from me will be this letter.

It is so easy to do what I suggest,

Isn't it obvious my way is best?


>>> Growth will come as I'm a go getter,

>>> But abandonment threats make my eyes grow wetter.

>>> Just as a color blind person fails a color test,

>>> I am sorry I don't see your truth before I invest.


Just look at those who walk this path,

Perfect lives avoid a burnt aftermath.

Can't you see you're such a failure,

Why would you even want to stay here?


>>> Making bad choices I will surely incur a wrath,

>>> But of the full picture that is only half.

>>> Many of my actions have failure near.

>>> Learning from my struggles I will face my fear.


I do everything and you don't even try,

Then you sit and wonder why,

I have left you again,

Alone with your sorrow and sin.


>>> I am grateful for your efforts as I learn to fly,

>>> I will grow to carry more as the years go by.

>>> Can this be where healings begin?

>>> Without our relationship who can win?

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© December 2014

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