Friday, December 5, 2014


Speaking above you as if you were not there,

I am sorry to not have acknowledged my dear,

When emotions fly,

I wonder why,

Even I,

Am overwhelmed by the anger as you cry.

Thin ice topics are not approachable,

So the burden is carried as a whole,

To not speak up or be heard,

No one to listen to your word.

I see Bloody Mary in the midst,

Don't tell me she does not exist.

I don't need someone to deny,

What I feel and tell me why.

I don't need your logical dread,

Convincing me its in my head.

I don't need agreement or you to understand,

Just take a walk into my land.

Tell me that its okay to feel,

And ask me what I see as real.

Allow me to unearth the pain,

Before you jump on your defensive train.

Let me explore my roots in my own time,

Before your fix runs over mine.

Just stop a second to explore,

And worthy I'll feel forever more.

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