Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Master's Puzzle

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I am about to send you

Spirits into the world

But before I do

I lay out this puzzle before you.

It is infinite in every direction

More pieces than the sands of Earth

Or the stars in the heavens.

It represents your knowledge.

Before your trip,

I will remove many of your pieces.

What I remove will be unique

For each of you.

As you start your journey,

Your parents will have some pieces

Which they will give to you

And some you will have to find.

This will set the stage,

For your life's work

Because your search and growth,

Will be never ending.

I will also give you some pieces,

Which will be isolated,

And whose neighbors

Cannot be found through parents

So that you must seek mentors

And discover these pieces.

Some pieces I will make invisible.

Your family and community,

May see these pieces,

But no matter how hard you try,

You will not be able to.

You will live your entire life

Without these pieces.

This is so you learn to rely on others

And learn to trust,

Even when you don't understand.

And some pieces I will hold.

Certain ones I will give you,

At key points in your journey,

To help you and show you I am here.

Others I will withhold indefinitely

So you will learn to come to me

And trust me.

When you find pieces

I will give you joy.

Not pleasure but joy.

And your most joyous moments,

Will be when I give you pieces.

When a piece is within your grasp,

I will give you pain.

This is to heighten your senses.

So you are certain to find the piece.

And your most painful moments

Will be when I am calling you.

Because I need to give you a piece.

You will not understand why

At the time,

But if you accept this piece,

You may learn to understand why.

This is so you discover patience.

So go on your journey.

May life never be dull,

As you seek knowledge.

May you always be content,

With the pieces I have given you,

As they are a blessing.

May you never be complacent,

As I have left so much more for you,

To discover.

May you always have hope,

That you will continue to grow,

In wisdom and knowledge.

May you always have faith,

That my design is great,

And is motivated by love.

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