Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day Four

Day four,

I wake up,

My mind racing a million thoughts per minute,

My hands are shaking,

I am back at the safe house,

Thank God,

No more cops waking me up in the emergency room waiting area,

Questioning me,

Some places won't even take you,

Unless you are wasted,

No more taking extra drinks just to get in,

Day four,

It was Christmas so I had to party it up,

I know, I know,

I had to numb the pain,

Its a good thing there are no booze in this house,

This anxiety is killing me,

Its just a depressant,

You don't need it,

You don't,

Okay, I have to just get out of bed,

If I can just make it to the shower,

Day four.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© December 2014


  1. Are there more of these? If not you might consider following up with some. This could make a good series. I'd like to know what happened on days one two and three. I have a series of "letters" that follow the life of a man for over thirty years. Some day perhaps I'll get around to posting some of them.

  2. I apologize for not being able to answer in more detail, but the short answer is no. Interesting about the letters. I would love to see that work one day.