Friday, November 7, 2014

What Do I Know of Love?

She was my third love.

And what have I learned of love?

That my version of love was a fasad.

Was just a great shutter of butterflies,

Was just a touch that eases all social anxiety,

Was just a feeling that all the troubles have instantly vanished.

That my version of love was all about me.

A romantic walk on the beach, for me.

A night at dinner full of deeper conversation, for me.

A night gazing at the stars, for me.

That my version of love replaced the creator for the created.

For love originates from Him.

For love is patient, kind, long suffering.

For love from God is sufficient.

And what do I see?

That love would give up its greatest flesh driven desires, for her.

That love would carry the unseen burdens, for her.

That love would stand strong and conquer worldly demons, for her.

Oh, love, let not pride nor fear nor hatred stand before you.

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