Friday, November 28, 2014


I do my own thing,

And strive to be the best I can be,

My light makes people uncomfortable,

And makes them feel judged,

As they feel the weight of my personal standards.

I love being hypocritical,

Emphasizing the standards which are beyond my reach,

But never allowing the acceptance of reality,

To taint or ruin my idealistic nature.

I hate seeing people avoid their potential,

As if they were completely oblivious to how special they are.

In each person, I see a unique gift that surpasses the entire universe.

And I let the disappointment build barriers, to allow myself the space to grow.

And the barrier grows as I see others as complacent and stagnant.

And they see me as compulsive and unstable.

But being alone,

I can never fully hit my own potential,

Or find my blind spots which are so clear to others.

Or experience the power and capability of a well performing team.

Or the beauty and love of a growing community.

So in my quest for companions,

I have discovered my darkness is hated by them,

And my sentimental nature feels the full weight of their rejection.

And so I remain, just independent.

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