Friday, November 14, 2014

The Vineyard

One day I woke up,

And looked out at my vineyard.

And to my dismay,

I saw poisonous fruit.

And my first reaction,

Was to purify my vineyard.

So I began cleaning.

And I chopped and I chopped.

But the more I tried,

The more I discovered the problem came from the roots.

And so I began pulling at the roots.

And what I saw was terrifying.

It was hideous and ugly.

It was a tangled web and I had lost all hope.

I came to the conclusion that the only way to obtain a pure vineyard was to leave the plot of land completely.

So frustrated, scared and I tired, I ran.

I ran as far as I could.

I became a foreigner, a beggar, looking for scraps from the table.

But at least I had a small plot of land I could call my own,

Where I could replant and start anew.

So I began planting and working.

I used everything I could.

I worked night and day using all the knowledge I had to ensure my plot would be clean.

But soon enough, early signs of the harvest began to appear.

The problem was that the seeds for my new vineyard came from my old vineyard.

And the seeds all looked the same.

I realized that my new vineyard was destined to turn out like my old vineyard.

And not only that.

I spent so much time focusing on the poisonous fruit,

That I had forgotten to harvest all the good fruit.

So I returned to my vineyard.

And things had become worse.

Weeds had grown,

Some of the good fruit had gone bad,

And the poisonous roots were infecting the good roots.

But I knew, what needed to be done.

I knew that harvest was the time to purify the vineyard.

I knew that identifying and remembering where and how the seeds were originally planted was the key to my success.

I knew that going through the difficult process and facing the dangers head on would build confidence, character and wisdom.

And if I worked hard and was consistent and employed the help of others,

Each year, slowly, gradually,

The poison would eventually be destroyed.

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