Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Forever Sister, The Silent Warrior

You gave me a glimpse of your world,

Blessing me with your sweet, kind demeanor,

Your words bring life and hope,

Ever faithful, you are but perfect imperfection,

Renewed and reborn from the Spirit,

Forever my sister, I wish to walk life with you,

Oh give me more that just one moment,

While experience leads us to not show we are affected,

A courageous soul leans not on her own understanding,

And is wise to not cast pearls before swine,

Oh be that courageous soul,

Deliver your gift to the world,

Fulfill that blessed purpose,

Be that silent warrior,

Your works will not go unnoticed,

You shall run and not grow weary,

You shall mount up with wings like an eagle,

And one day, in a crowded room,

You will hear your loved ones speak to you,

And they will touch your heart as they share with you insight,

Of the role you played in their life.

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