Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Chances

God brings me back to slow dancing as a kid,

He brings me back through time,

He brings me a new graduation,

He brings me joy again as my daughter overcomes my greatest fear,

Her voice echoes and is carried off by laughter,

He brings me back to seeing my mom in the car alone,

Yet this time someone sits by her,

He brings me back to crying to sleep at night,

Yet this time someone sits by my bed,

And reads me a story.

He brings me freedom, this great defender,

He blesses my work so that I might bring him glory,

He heals my darkest wounds,

God brings me the love of my youth,

He recreates opportunities to make it right,

So to this heartless cold world,

I am sorry for the wrong I have done,

The young and innocent I failed to protect,

I am sorry for being selfish and at times inhumane,

I am sorry for being a beast.

My mistakes are many,

The imperfect human I am.

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