Sunday, May 17, 2015

Around the World in a Day

My life,

The endless cycle of madness,

Starts with me,

The crazy kid,

Adventurous and daring,

Connecting with everyone around me,

Silly and playful,

Passionate and emotional,

A dreamer,

But me,

As I am,

Will always be rejected,

It sends me off into a numb state,

Where no pain exists,

Where I can do anything and everything,

Where I am out of my own body,

Like a fog,

And meditation can isolate and control the pain.

And depression and lack of motivation takes me to oblivion.

Then one day I wake up,

And shame and guilt set in,

My melancholic mood,

The downer that is,

Brings me to dancing,

And music,

A world of my own,


Leads me to utilize my unique strengths,

My life becomes an endless list of goals,

All in front of me,

I pursue with new found strength,

Confidence is high,

Admiration and applause,

The daily disciplines,

Then abandonment sinks in,

For a leader stands alone,

I find I have lost touch with others,

Those whose dreams still live are few,

And I rebirth my desire for connection.

To be known,

And relationships matter once again.

This cycle,

This insanity,

It is me.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© May 2015

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