Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Growing Children

A child, helpless and powerless to save his mother from his father's abuse,

Will grow to become a hero to women who have suffered similar fates.

And his anger for his father will be expressed and directed towards such a woman's significant other.

The most damaging revenge would be an illustrious affair.

To steal a man's perceived property.

A child abandoned by others,

Will create a charismatic demeanor,

Creating an environment of attraction,

Where as an adult,

May abandon others,

As seen through a lack of loyalty or commitment,

Where the denial of childhood rejection cannot be felt.

A child raised to be perfect,

Threatened by the loss of love,

From parents who themselves,

Lived under perfection of morals and performance,

Will break this bond,

And if coupled with appropriate levels of shame and humiliation,

Will develop a split personality of the true self,

One that is essentially seen by the child as bad,

To be developed in secret and hiding,

And another that is good but is a forced distortion of the true self,

Based on conformity and expectations.

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