Saturday, January 24, 2015

Aaron and Amy

Aaron was an intellectual.  As such, his brainy ways never fascinated women much.  As a young teenager, women would often look the other way, as Aaron found himself lost in the endless sea of books which occupied him and his imagination.  Aaron had a good group of friends and they spent their days playing video games and watching movies.

As Aaron entered college, he started to venture out more and more from his comfort zone.  You would have never guessed it, but Aaron was a natural flirt, with his quick wit and deep affirmations.  His demeanor naturally made his comments seem quite sincere.  It seemed there were actually many women out there with the Cinderella complex, who yearned for these affirmations.  After all, absent and emotionally distant fathers were all too common.

As such, Aaron's social status raised throughout his college years.  He had a good solid group of friends to hang out with and dates seemed to fill his calendar.

In his junior year, he met Amy.  Aaron appreciated Amy's sensitive nature.  She was very popular and was the type of girl who paid attention to the tiny details that made you feel special.  She would organize birthday parties and weekend getaways.  While most people quickly got tired of maintaining a myriad of relationships, Amy seemed to naturally keep up.  She was so relational.  Randomly, setting lunch dates and arriving with a small gift bag, filled with tissue paper and a special surprise was Amy's signature.  No one could ever remember anything Amy talked about but everyone could remember how she made them feel.

After a few years, Aaron proposed to Amy and they began their life together.  However, the insecurities from Aaron's youth and being known as an introvert, drove Aaron to continue to expand his social network.  He still had the need to feel useful and desirable.  Looking back, Aaron always thought it ironic that when he finally gained the social skills to court a woman, he got married.  When he was at the top of his game, as his guy friends put it, he was no longer allowed to play.

One night, Amy came home and found Aaron browsing Facebook.  Aaron seemed to be acting slightly different than normal, so Amy confronted him.  "What are you doing she asked?"

"Oh, just chatting online," Aaron said.

"With who?", Amy asked, moving toward the bed, where Aaron was resting with his laptop.  As she came over, she saw a long thread with a gal named Tiffany.  "Who's Tiffany?"

Aaron started to explain that Tiffany was a girl from college who was looking for a job.  Aaron was helping her get her resume set up and providing some guidance.  "How long have you been helping her?", Amy asked.

Over the course of the conversation, it became clear that Aaron's relationship with Tiffany was more than superficial.  They had been chatting back and forth online for several months now.  "I'm hurt that you didn't mention her earlier to me.  Is there something she is giving you that you feel I am not providing?  Do you find her attractive physically?"

Aaron seemed somewhat startled.  Perhaps, he had missed where he was at with Tiffany.  He thought it was just harmless chatting.  But there might have been some truth in Amy's line of questioning.  He sat quiet for a moment.

"Hmm.  Your silence tells me enough."  Amy walked out of the room and downstairs to the living room.  She wasn't overly upset but Aaron knew she was hurt.

Aaron waited a few minutes before going downstairs.  He was still very much in love with Amy.  He sat next to her on the couch.

"Amy, I am sorry.  Look, I love you very much.  I think I do need to take another look at my relationship with Tiffany.  I am sorry my chatting has affected you this way, but I want you to know how I feel about you.  And as far as your physical attractiveness, you are so unbelievable hot."  Although Amy was more concerned about the emotional connection with Tiffany, Aaron, being a guy, naturally heard loud and clear the comment about a possible physical connection.

Aaron's mind quickly raced through all of Amy's physically attractive qualities and his body rushed with sexual tension even with only a few milliseconds of thought.  But he stayed in the moment.  Aaron wanted to share with Amy exactly what he felt about her.

He started with her eyes.  "Amy, your eyes are like starlight.  A beautiful nebula of colors in a distant galaxy which can captivate my attention for hours on end.  Your lips, are soft and lush.  I have never kissed such wonderful lips.  Like sweet nectarine, I would love to suck for hours."

Aaron's mind raced with sexual thoughts as he thought about Amy's other body parts.  But he stopped.  He hesitated.  "I could continue.  I could describe exactly how each part of your body sends me into hyper drive.  But I won't.  To do so would be wrong.  It would be misplaced.  My words might be misconstrued and add to the undoubted list of insecurities you might have, as I place you under the microscope to be judged.  To be judged under my fatally flawed perspective that has no doubt been distorted through years of mental conditioning through main stream media that has told me what the human body should look like."  Aaron had a tendency to live on the edge of romantic versus the philosophical.  While most people thought it annoying, Amy admired the truth in it.  She didn't like hearing fluff and romantic nonsense.  She was deeper than that.

"So rather than describe, let me say that it is your soul and my love for you that ignites my physical attraction.  It is that love for you, that makes me love this temple for your soul.  I feel unbelievably connected to you.  And the offspring of that is a deep physical desire for your body.  I wish you could see for just one single moment what I see."

Aaron leaned in to Amy.  "Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?"  Amy's heart had already softened.  Tiffany could wait for later.  She leaned into Aaron and they began to kiss.


  1. I've missed reading your stories. But as you see your blog is one of the first places I visited after getting back on-line. Hope all is going well for you and yours. Keep writing Scott, Your very good at it. C.P

  2. Well, good to see you back. Lets continue to write together!