Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Dragon Slayer

 She yells at me,

Doesn't he love his own kids,

Why would he not see them?


I calmly reply,

It is not his kids he left,

It is you.


And she freezes,

Shocked that I would say such a thing

But she is paralyzed with an open ear


And while you protect your heart

From the fear that you will never be loved

You must create the reality that it is the family he abandoned.


She sits down,

Tears rolling down her face,

Having an inkling to resist and remain composed.


So I continue before she becomes self aware.

You were never loved as a kid were you?

You were ignored, daddy left, never felt beautiful.


Streams rolling down her cheeks now

As I continue along these lines

An emotional portal opened directly to her heart.


I sit and wait

And let tears flow

There is healing in tears


And frustration and anger and fear

Overwhelm her

But she has the security here to cry.


I see her emerge

A new softness surrounds her

She is ready


She looks at me

As if a glimmer of hope

In her eyes lies a question


You see dear,

You are beautiful beyond comprehension

Afraid of your own light


She wipes her face

Cleans herself

Sits up straight but still hanging on my words


And you dont need me to tell you

Or anyone for that matter

To know that you are unique, special, beautiful, lovable


She finally becomes aware,

Glances around the room

A new peace is formed


Accept the rejection,

Only through accepting reality can you learn your value

Only when you learn to love yourself can you learn to love others.


<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
Copyright December 2015

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