Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quality Time

Sitting on the grass,

In front of our house,

Talking for hours on end,

Your low cut shirt,

And your youthful feminine beauty on display.

Running around with friends,

In the middle of night,

Lying down in the middle of a field,

Gazing at the beautiful night sky.

Walking around the neighborhood,

Stopping to give you a small kiss,

Returning home,

Or having to part from you.

Driving down the road,

Wind in our hair,

Music blasting,

Or playing some sweet symphony.

Adventures in snowboarding,

Coupled with private rides,

Making out while resting,

Ending the day with a warm snuggly fire.

Playing games,

Laughing and enjoying each other's company,

Lying on the couch,

One under the other,

Holding hands.


And lust taking control,

Laying you down on the cold hard concrete,

In a public place,

Anticipating getting caught,

As we bang out our body's passions.

Slow dancing,

Melting in your arms,

As we hold each other closely,

Romantic feelings,

Caressed by love songs after dark.

Finding a place to park,

Far away from the crowds,

Where we discover each other,

Windows fogged.

Lying in bed,

Stripping off your tight jeans,

Interrupted by life,

And having to run.

Making tender love under the stars,

The calm air,

Soothing tempered skin,

Peacefully embracing.

Watching movies side by side,

Action, drama or comedy,

Emoting in tune with you,

Sharing an experience.

Skinny dipping,

Where people might see,

Intimate touches,

And awkward naked moments.

Doing nothing,

Absolutely nothing,

Just leaning on a wall,

Wishing to hold you forever.

Staying at home,

Enjoying a relaxing afternoon,

Cooking a humble meal,

Breaking bread.

These are the moments,

These little moments,

That make all the difference.


<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
Copyright January 2016

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