Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dream Shifter

I am calm,

At rest,

Sitting on a park bench,

Enjoying my peacefulness,

When suddenly I feel the Earth has shifted,

I sense her,

Beyond the crowd,

And sure enough,

I see her walking in from the parking lot,

Her dark form fitting clothes,

Her quick gate.

She glides across the concrete.

My insides scream with excitement

As I take in her splendor and beauty,

She is an orchid among roses and daisies,

But does she even know?

Perhaps this is simply a muse in my mind.

A day dream.

Because I'm not even sure she really exists.

For how else can you explain,

Someone you could have only come up with,

In your imagination,

And then breathed them into reality.


<SI> Scott Izu
© January 2016

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