Thursday, January 7, 2016


The Earth and all its beauty,

The endless landscapes,

The breath taking sunsets,

The serenity of waves crashing against the shore,

The starry sky which twinkles among the shooting stars,

Reflects such magnificent creation.

Like the oils and paint,

Sprayed across the canvas.

Reflect the artist.


A child,

Their joy and innocence and purity,

Their wonderful laughter,

Their hilarious eccentricity

Is simply a reflection.


Oh, the Godess and her body.

The thin slender frame,

With sweet breasts to caress,

That one could just suckle for days,

Reflections of nurture, love and grace


The Creator or the created.

Which shall we love?


Scott Izu, PhD
© January 2016
Revisted from Glory

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