Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blog Highlights

From looking at blog stats, here are some highlights... Thank you to those who read, comment, share, plus, etc!


  1. I am really happy you decided to repost some of your old writings I really enjoyed reading "how to capture a butterfly" what an enjoyable story, how I wish that life stories did really turn out that way and end into a new beginning... but it's the year Jubilee anything could happen

    1. There is an element of truth in all my writings. Most of the things I write about did in fact happen. But I change the names and some of the context to protect those in the story...

      Yes, I always imagine the way we wish things and the way they are. And it leaves me with a sense of brokenness about the world we live in.

      Happy Holidays @"Trinity Models". Merry Christmas!

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