Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Rant Against the Incubator

You call yourself a woman?

You are nothing of a woman,

You are supposed to be an incubator.

You are built for it.

You get a house

You have a power to make it a home.

You collect ingredients,

And you can magically create a meal.

You take a seed,

And you will make a child.


But what do you do with your man?

Do you multiply what you have been given?


You tear him down, nagging

To him, no matter how hard he tries,

You make him feel he will never be enough.

You fill him with hopelessness,

Because you place your hopes on him

And the barrenness of your soul,

You place before him

As if he was somehow suppose to fill that void

By meeting your unrealistic expectations


And you belittle and emasculate him,

Because somehow that will give you power

Over the powerlessness you felt as a child

Reacting to what your father did to you.

But that time,

Was supposed to give you insight

And compassion for a man,

But you twisted all that horrible pain

Into hatred

Rather than growth.

You could have been such an inspiration to so many



You ignore your vary being

Do you arouse him with your beauty

And sensuous ways


Because he does not deserve your love

You say

But there goes the twist doesn't it?

He already knows he doesn't deserve your love

Its when you give it under these conditions

You not only arouse his body

But you arouse his inner being

You release pure energy into his soul


And without changing your ways,

Is it any wonder he turns to the vices of the world?

He can pick so many to prove to himself he is a man

The world offers work, gambling, pornography, affairs, television, video games

Yes, he has a whole buffet to choose from

As a consolation prize for your love

But he has chose only one



Your man,

Is an extension of you

And you cut off your own arm

Because of self hatred

Bred from hatred.


Its time to heal my dear.

Its time to let go of the past.

To regain the strength you once had

To first be comforted

So that you can comfort

To first be healed

So that you can heal

Both your life and his are at stake.

I believe in you.


<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
Copyright December 2015

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