Saturday, March 28, 2015

Four Elements of Life

My eldest, he is a summer fire.

His wrath may be fierce,

And he has the potential to do great damage.

For him, I pray that he learn of his strength,

To provide health and warmth to those he encounters,

My next, she is the spring of water,

Her flexibility has the ability to consume fire,

She brings life and subtle nutrients to the Earth around her,

For her, I pray that the powerful force of her current be directed.

My middle girl, she is the autumn wind,

She has the ability to blow out fire,

To destroy the leaves from the trees,

Her power is mighty,

For her, I pray that she find joy

In lifting up those around her,

So they can soar with wings spread wide like eagles.

My youngest, she is Earth,

She is immovable and frozen in her position,

Her mountainous terrain crumbles and her quakes are strong,

For her, I pray that she plant the seeds deep,

That they would spring up mighty oaks,

And trees bearing a multitude of nutritious fruit.

These four little ones,

They are the greatest blessing in my life,

For them I pray for unity,

That they might stick together through life,

To acknowledge their differences and be grateful for each other,

That they might endure each season of life,


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