Sunday, February 7, 2016

Diamonds and Rubies

She is precious and rare,

No other woman on the planet like her,

She gets up early to feed her family,

Up before anyone,

Yet last to fall asleep,

Making sure all the chicklets are taken care of,

Their bellies are full and their bodies are warm,

Her heart is for others,

Spending her waking hours rehabilitating the sick,

And lending a listening ear,

Focusing not only on the body,

But also on the heart and soul.

Her friends are so self focused,

But she rushes to them in their time of need,

Walking with them,

When all others have long since abandoned ship,

She is loyal to the bone.

So loyal,

In her weakest hour she will turn to God,

Rather than a whimsical romantic affair.

No one really knows the truth of her burdens,

Or the extent of her depravity.

Because she walks with class,

And carries herself with grace.

Yes, she is really one to be celebrated,

Yet she walks in the shadows,

Somewhat unknown.

A rarity indeed.

And one we need more of.

<SI> Scott Izu
© February 2016

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