Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It used to be about sex,

I never believed even a day could pass,

Without some sort of activity,

For my hyperactivity,

And if not as last resort,

The endless world of online darkness.

But over the years I have gotten older,

My heart worn from running it over,

It pleads,

"Have you forgotten me?"

I hate you...


You left me as that cold and lonely boy,

With no one to go to the eighth grade dance.

The nerdy, dorky kid with glasses and braces that no girl wanted.

I promised myself I would never be that guy.

Alone, with no one to dance through life with.

"And now?"

My overcompensation has left me with the curse promised by my teachers.

My survival instinct has become nothing more than manipulative plans,

Schemes with shallow roots.

"I'm here."

Yes, heart, rebirth

Bring me into connection.

Let it be about sex,

Only as a part of so much more.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
October 2015

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