Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Blacker The Berry

I have tasted of the sweetest fruit,

Beauties that you never would have known,

My conservative exterior is the perfect camoflouge

For my restless interior,

I thought any woman would quiet my soul,

But I soon learned that was not the case.

So like a wild stalion,

I thought if I was to roam free,

That would bring me peace,

Threesomes and orgies,

I was showered with attention,

Yet, it left me even more alone.

I thought a popular cheerleader or actress or model would please me

For nothing feels greater than the envy of eyes

As I walk through stares standing next to a tight red dress

But intimacy only revealed the subtle flaws.

I thought perhaps a woman from my roots was the answer,

So I chased English and Japanese and Puerto Rican girls.

I have tried it all but to no avail.

Was youth the answer,

Thirsting like a blood lust,

Chasing a mystic fountain?

No, for my years have aged my taste buds.

One might think I must be gay,

But no, I have tried that too.

Unfortunately enough,

I have tried a few.

But all and all,

Experience does not seem to lead me closer.

More like frozen with the possibility,

That perhaps there is no hope.


<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
July 2016

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