Thursday, July 9, 2015

Can You Forgive Me?

Can you forgive me for placing my hope in you?

The weight of that must be excruciating.

If only you were this or that.

If only life's circumstances were different.

If only time, money and other resources were limitless.

Only then, would I be fulfilled.

I apologize for blaming you for the brokenness that exists in our world.

For placing you on the pedestal to be the resolution to the emptiness I feel.

Can you forgive me for placing you in the center of the perfect world I have imagined?

How the draw of the imagination can be an escape from the present state of suffering!

When all you want is rest.

When all you want is security.

When all you want is acceptance.

When all you want is to protect your loved ones.

Do we not all want the same?

Are we not all made from the same blueprint?

You have become the pivot point to which my life is either overflowing or destitute.


Unfair indeed.

Can you forgive me?


<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© July 2015

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