Thursday, February 5, 2015

God's Love

You see my spirit separate from my behavior,

And you love my spirit,

And whether I do right or wrong,

You love me.


How amazing is your love,

That you can look beyond my behavior,

To see that is only a reflection,

Of my love for you.


How your love mirrors nothing in this world,

It breaks my heart,

For we are all broken,

And our love is only given conditionally.


Whether or not I have fame and fortune,

You see me as special.

Whether or not I have power and influence,

You see me as important.

Whether or not I have popularity and women,

You see that I have worth.

Whether or not I have mastery and achievements,

You see that I have value.


Your hand,

It touches each individual's world,

A tailor made journey,

To reveal the nature of our soul.


You afflict me because I am chosen,

You push me to seek your truth,

You pierce my heart with passionate love,

And you feel every emotion bestowed upon me.


So I give in,

I surrender to your will,

Take me each day I live,

An empty vessel for your great glory.

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
© February 2015

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