Saturday, February 7, 2015


Im Scott Izu,

Here to please you.

My mother fuckin rhymes,

Would never deceive you.


Cause Im a psycho,

I might go,

To write a rhyme,

But we would fight though.


If I said,

What I truly believed,

Cause my heart,

Is here to deceive.



Like the sands of time,

Give me a mike,

And I would make it mine.


Step back,

Your smokin crack,

Your style is whack,

And thats a fact.


Youre like a spirit,

No need to hear it,

Dont even fear it,

Just have to clear it.


From my mind

And let it go,

Let the passion

From my heart just show.


A battle,

A war of the worlds,


And lets Hell unfurl.


I dont do this for others,

And their majesty,

All I want is a voice,

Finally free.

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