Thursday, November 26, 2015

What is a man?

What is a man?

Is it when I am watching others play sports on TV?

Because I feel invigorated

Yet, I am simply a bystander

Not even living my life

But rather, cheering on someone else's successes

Or is it when I am with a different woman each night of the week?

And each is going down on me

Cause I sure feel like a man then

Full of life and passion

Hunting to fill the void like food fills an insatiable hunger

Or is it when I beat the woman I love?

And she is crying and in tears

Sprawled across the floor

Cause I feel dominant and powerful

Yet somehow feel like a pussy

Or is it when I crouch my shoulders and lower voice?

So that I don't intimidate others

And I focus on making sure they are comfortable

Not aware of the dangers I hold

Is a man that lone wolf?

The wolverine who climbs the highest of mountain peaks

And yells from the top of his lungs

As the adrenaline cascades through his lips

Making his presence known to the world in solitude


Somewhere in there, deep inside, are the seedlings of a man

Squashed by jeans made to keep it out of sight

Domesticated by teachers who needed to keep him in line

Ignored by a father and emasculated by a mother

<SI> Scott Izu, PhD
Copyright November 2015

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